Fantastic Festive Fun For The Family: Traveling Down Christmas Lane  

Forty-one years ago, a little boy loved Christmas lights so much that it adopted a whole new avenue for him. He just wanted to decorate the family farm at Christmas. No one, including the little boy, realized then what his wish of just a strand or two of Christmas lights would one day become. 

Lane Wetherington, born and raised on his family’s farm in Dover, Florida, is the designer and host of the annual Christmas Lane event.  With a single Christmas tree, Wetherington would soon share the most splendid celebration with friends, neighbors, passersby and people worldwide, including New Zealand, Mexico, Austria and more. 

The quaint family farm with its bright, shimmering lights was so fantastic it was noticeable from afar. People instantly felt welcomed at the Christmas home. People have continued coming since.

Children and adults of all ages are sure to find Christmas Lane fun and exciting. It is truly a family event. Rides, food, nightly shows, KidZone, live entertainment, face painting, and more are designed at Christmas Lane to give a family a warm, togetherness atmosphere. 

A fond memory can include strolling through the Great Light Maze and seeing all the dazzling glimmering lights. The family should also have a Christmas Wish List made because Santa will be there to listen. He will also take a picture if you wish. 

There are Christmas Lane goers who have been coming to Christmas Lane since the beginning and have brought their children and are now bringing their grandchildren. It has, for some, become a family tradition. 

“The Lord has blessed me in many ways. [Christmas Lane] has been my life,” Wetherington says. “It could not be continued without the support from my family and friends. I have friends that have been involved for over 30 years.”

What started in 1984 as a little boy’s dream is now a treasured annual event. The Christmas gala grew from Mr. Wetherington’s yard to its grand move to the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds in 2015. 

Wetherington travels annually to gather information and ideas on expanding and improving his “Christmas Dream” event.

Some of the original items used in the early days of Christmas Lane are still in use today. It takes approximately three hundred volunteers to help in addition to a crew of “about 25 hands-on friends and family and an operation crew of about 35-40.”

The journey to experience Christmas Lane with family and friends and feel the exciting Christmas cheerfulness is a journey to remember throughout the year.

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Written by Joyce Bliss

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