8 Lawn Games to Keep You Busy

We have officially entered cookout season. So fire up the grill, mix up a cocktail and keep everyone entertained with this selection of lawn games.

1. Horseshoes: This old-school game doesn’t require much — just two metal stakes and four horseshoes — but it brings a lot of fun to an outdoor party. The goal is to throw your horseshoes closest to the stakes in a court that measures 50 feet in length. Play until you reach a pre-determined number of points.

2. KanJam: Who knew that two goal containers and one flying disc could cause so much competition? The rules are easy: set the containers 50 feet apart, play to 21 points or to an instant win in teams of two or one-on-one, and take turns throwing.

3. Giant Games: Super-sized versions of classic party games, such as Jenga and beer pong, are rising in popularity. Not only are they fun to play but they’re conversation starters, too. They also make for some cool-looking party decor.

4. Bocce Ball: This game is easy to play and is fun for the whole family. Similar to horseshoes, players set a target, which is called a jack, and throw an object, in this case a small ball, as close to it as possible. The first player to reach 13 points wins. You don’t need a special bocce court to play either, just make sure you’re playing on a flat surface and set your court at five to eight feet.

5. Miniature Golf: There are plenty of options for permanent or portable miniature golf games to play at home, or you can even build one yourself. Whether your course is challenging or easy, it will provide a ton of fun at any backyard barbecue.

6. Ladder Golf: All you need for this game is two ladder stands, each with three steps, and three golf ball bolas (a nylon rope with a golf ball on both ends) for each stand. The top step of the ladder is worth three points, the middle worth two points and the bottom worth one point. Play to a perfect 21 without going over and knock your opponent’s bolas off the ladder to help you win.

7. Ring Toss: This is a great game for all ages because it’s a classic. You can even take the game from day to night by turning glow stick necklaces into rings. The kids will be mesmerized as they play with glow-in-the-dark rings, and it will add a unique touch to your party.

8. Football: Is it really a cookout without football? Put together your teams, grab a football and start playing. But first, mark up your field without killing your grass by using a temporary marking chalk like Krylon, which sprays like spray paint.


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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

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