5 Winter Jewelry Trends

Last year, as we were all stuck on our Zoom calls, waist-up accessories became the heroes in our closet, and now, runway designers showed us 2022 is all about ditching the smaller, dainty pieces for more bold, statement pieces. 

Whether you need to command that big Zoom meeting, or want to sparkle at your in-person holiday festivities, here are some of our favorite jewelry trends to try this winter:

Dependable Pendants

Whether you’re drawn to vintage-inspired pieces or more modern and sleek pieces, pendant necklaces are something to embrace this winter.  Especially popular this season is the bar pendant with a modern minimalist design. While one pendant creates a great, clean look, don’t be afraid to layer pendants of different sizes and shapes to create more of a statement. 

Chains, Chains, Chains!

Large and chunky, fine and layered, or fringed, chains remain a staple for the winter season. Large, clunky chain necklaces were prominent on the runway, but choker chain necklaces made an appearance as well. New trends to keep your eye on this year are fringe chain earrings, and layering smaller chain necklaces.

Pearl Power

While pearls are often seen as small and delicate, and usually reserved for special occasions, don’t be afraid to go bold with pearls. This year, designers are focusing on incorporating pearls in everyday wardrobes in the form of chokers, anklets, earrings and more.

Floral Additions

Winter may be coming, but floral designs are here to stay. Lighten up your winter wear with some floral-inspired jewelry. From statement floral earrings to large flower brooches, these blooms are adding a bit of optimism as we look ahead to 2022.

Ring In the New Year

While we ponder if shaking hands is still taboo, make an anything-but-subtle statement with a ring that will be even harder to forget than a solid handshake. To make a lasting impression, the rule of thumb (pun intended!) here is to choose one knockout cocktail ring. For this jewelry statement, go bigger, bolder and add more color.


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