5 Must-Have Apps for a Successful School Year


There’s a good chance your child has spent plenty of time this summer on social media and entertainment apps. While Tik Tok and Hulu are fun during their free time, it’s time to adjust their focus back to the classroom. The following apps can help set your student up for success by keeping them organized, rested and ready to learn, no matter their grade level.

Google Drive

This is an absolute must-have for students because it provides access to all Google services, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Students can conveniently store homework assignments and projects as well as create slideshows for in-class presentations. All files can be conveniently organized in folders labeled for each subject.
Available on iOS and Android devices, free for up to 15 MB of storage

Khan Academy

This educational app offers lessons in grammar, science, history and more for students in grades K-12. In addition, it’s widely used by high school students to study for the SAT, ACT and AP exams. Students can take practice quizzes and watch educational videos to further aid their understanding of the material. If your student is having trouble understanding a specific concept, this app breaks it down and provides another perspective to get them on track with the material.
Available on iOS and Android devices, free


The Quizlet app makes it easier to study with flashcards and online quizzes. Students can create their own flashcards, covering a variety of subject, and play games within the app to help them learn the material. In addition, students can share flashcards with each other, making it a great collaborative app as well.
Available on iOS and Android devices, free

MyHomework Student Planner

Students can avoid feeling overwhelmed during the school year by digitally keeping track of homework assignments, project deadlines and exam dates through the myHomework Student Planner app. Since it supports time, block and period-based schedules, it’s perfect for middle school, high school or college students. A premium account can sync across other platforms, receive homework reminders and automatically download class information, assignments, files and announcements from any teacher’s Teachers.io class.
Available on iOS and Android devices, basic version (free) and premium version ($4.99)


Sleep is one of the most important components of a successful school year. The Sleep Cycle app uses sound analysis to monitor an individual’s movements in bed through each sleep phase. This information allows it to wake you up gently during your lightest sleep phase, which makes you feel like you’re waking up naturally. When your student has a restful night of sleep and a soothing wake-up experience, they will feel prepared for a full day of learning.
Available on iOS and Android devices, basic version (free) and premium subscription ($29.99) are available.


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