Top Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decor


Nothing makes a home feel cozier during the holiday season than a house full of decorations. From a Christmas tree full of ornaments to stockings and garland over the fire place, it’s easy to collect boxes full of holiday decorations.
We know it’s not nearly as fun to take everything down as it is to put it all up. But here, we’ll give you some tips and tricks for easily storing all of your holiday decor to keep them in the best condition year after year.

Remove Clutter From Your Collection

Before you start putting all of your decorations away, go through each item to determine if it’s something you would like to keep for the following year. Maybe you’ve completely revamped your holiday theme this year or you took advantage of some major post-holiday sales. In either case, make sure you purge what you don’t need before going through the steps of packing everything away.

Collect the Necessary Supplies

Once you’re ready to start packing up, make sure you have the proper storage supplies. Nothing is worse than opening up your decorations the following year to find that there’s holes in your boxes and your items don’t smell fresh and new anymore. We recommend using air-tight containers to get maximum use out of your decorations. You will also need bubble wrap and packing paper to keep all of your breakables safe and secure.

Pack by Room

You don’t want to have to dig through box after box looking for specific decorations when the holidays come around next year. The best way to avoid that annoyance is to pack each box according to the room in which they were placed.

Label Your Bins

Eliminate questions next holiday season by labeling each box appropriately. Be as specific as possible about which items are in each box. This will allow you to locate items quickly, especially if you decide to decorate in stages rather than all at once. When labeling, don’t forget to include the room of your home that the decorations will be placed.

Store Your Decor

Now that everything is properly packed and labeled, you’re ready to store your decorations. Stack your boxes as neatly as possible, either in the attic or on shelves in the garage (and with the labels facing out so you know what’s in them), and start counting down the days until next year!


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