Refresh Your Laundry with Bath and Body Works’ New Line

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Have you ever wanted your clothes to smell like your favorite Bath and Body Works scent? It’s now possible with the release of their new laundry care line. 

As of September 25, Bath and Body Works released a line of detergent and fragrance boosters that are exclusively online. Currently, on their website, there are 17 different iconic Bath and Body Works scents. 

The 17 fragrances are Japanese Cherry Blossom (only available in detergent), White Tea and Sage, Palo Santo, Ocean, Cozy Cashmere, Pineapple Mango, Sunshine Day, Amber Blush, Morning Rain, Sunwashed Santal, Bergamot Waters, A Thousand Wishes, Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender Vanilla, Sundrenched Linen, Fresh Blue Sky, and Cactus Blossom. 

According to their website, these detergents and boosters are high efficiency (HE), meaning the formula is specially created to ensure less soap suds while washing. This formula also allows anyone with a HE washer to enjoy the fragrant laundry care. They also claim that both the boosters and detergents can be cleaned in cold water, and only the detergent is septic-safe and has a concentrated formula. 

Unfortunately, because of the fragrance in the formula, this laundry line might not be the best for people with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Most of the reviews on the website have been praising the new products. Still, there are some complaints from users, including lack of fragrance after drying and the products not smelling precisely like the original product. 

Both items, regardless of scent, cost $19.95 each, and since it is an online exclusive, there is always the possibility of paying the estimated $6.99 for shipping. With the holiday season approaching, this new and exciting product can be a perfect gift for your Bath and Body Works-obsessed family member or friend. 

With these products being on the market to the general public for about a month now, it will be interesting to see whether Bath and Body Works will expand on the laundry line or only hold the products for a limited time. 


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Written by Alexa Fuentes

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