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Designed by Francia Fusik, All in One Decorating Solutions
Photographed by Eric Dean, Eric Dean Photography

Step 1: Paint the Walls
First, choose the wall that you want the bed to be against. The headboard will be built directly on that wall, so plan exactly how you want the space to flow before you begin. Once your plan is in place, start painting.

Tip! Instead of having the same color on all four walls, choose a complementary shade for the area behind the bed to make it an accent wall. Select a color from the headboard’s wallpaper – the one you want to pull out the most to make that particular wall pop.

Step 2: Mount the Frame
Paint and measure the headboard frame before cutting it. After nailing each piece to the wall, you’ll need to cover the nail holes with putty and touch up the paint where necessary.

Tip! There are two ways you can build the frame. Either cut it so the width of the mattress fits between the two far edges of the frame (as seen in this finished project) or build it so the mattress fits inside the wallpaper area and the frame sits outside of the bed.

Step 3: Fill it with Wallpaper
Cut standard 21-inch or 27-inch residential wallpaper into three strips. Place the first strip in the middle of the frame and the others on each edge. For patterned wallpaper, be sure to follow the pattern’s lines exactly when placing the final two strips.

Tip! Other options for the inside of the frame include peel-and-stick wallpaper or a unique collage of contact paper. Both of these options offer less of a commitment because they can be easily removed and switched up when you want to redecorate.


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