Your Home on Island Time

Designed by Nicole and Mike Mendicino, Orlando Theme Homes
Photographed by Cynthia Simonetta, Cynthia Simonetta Photography

Sail to Sleep
The centerpiece of this bedroom isn’t any ordinary bed. The king-sized mattress is set in a restored sailboat with a headboard that matches the boat’s rich wooden trim and deck. The other side of this custom-made bed has an extended base and steps made from weathered wood to match. It’s almost as if you washed ashore onto a deserted island, placed the boat on the sand and created your own comfy shelter.

On the Rocks
This sailboat bed is cleverly flanked by real rocks, which were painted with similar tones as the boat to pull the weathered, shipwrecked look throughout the bedroom. These accents work double duty to hide what is really holding up the boat, and they do it in a pretty way.

Ride the Waves
You might not be lying in a sailboat on the ocean looking up at the night sky as the movement of the waves lull you to sleep. But you might as well be. The stars of this space are the spot-on elements that transport you to that place. Along with the sailboat, a mosaic wave stretches across the floor, traveling along the base of a sliding glass door, from wall to wall. Glass tiles with varying shades of turquoise make up this mosaic, playing off of the sandy colored tile floor. Accent pieces like a worn propeller pull the whole theme together.

Sit Back and Relax
This bedroom’s accent wall includes a giant mural showing crystal-clear ocean waters and swaying palm trees that will make you feel like you’re on the ultimate tropical getaway. Adding it to one wall and leaving the others fairly plain draws attention to where it needs to be without overwhelming the space. It doesn’t get any more relaxing than this.


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