Gathering Places

All in the Details
A grand dining room needs more than delicate details. In this space, oversized artwork and ornate chandeliers are used not just to fill the large space, but also to enhance the dramatic effect of the room’s layout. Tall ceilings are the perfect vehicles to hang this lighting source, and the feel of the chandelier’s jewels is mimicked in the outline of the mirrored rays coming from the wall art. The elegance created in the details will make dinner guests feel as though they’re dining in a fairytale.

Golden Hues
The central color palate is vibrant shades of gold, which are strategically broken up with grey and brown tones in the accessories. Painting large squares of the complementary grey tone, and surrounding it with a delicate crown molding, creates a depth within the space and is essentially a one-of-a-kind, homemade piece of art.

In the Spotlight
Reminiscent of classic pub lighting, the line of dim lampshades complements the rich tones in the dark wooden bar without overly lighting the space. This choice of fixtures creates a warm glow and an inviting environment where guests can make their own drink and pull up a seat to enjoy it with family and friends.

Bar Flair
An in-home bar area provides a comfortable space for entertaining adult guests so hosts can prepare dinner without a hassle and avoid a chaotic kitchen full of people. Displaying glassware and decanters is a pretty touch to a classic bar setup. Fill the display with the evening’s beverage of choice or leave it for viewing only; either way it will sparkle and shine beneath the overhead lighting.


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