Flashing Back to the Past: The Value of Photography

A girl taking a photo with a camera.

Numerous camera options, such as film, digital, compact, action, and smartphone cameras, cater to those seeking the ideal snapshot, whether they are passionate artists or hobbyists exploring photography.

With the digital age of almost everything being accessible to consumers through the click of a button on their smartphones, most people opt for taking photos through their camera app. Social media has driven everyday consumers to become photographers. Capturing moments from social gatherings, attire, travels, and daily experiences has become a part of our routine.

But others, like Valentina Ramirez, a local photographer, and UCF student, said she sees photography as more of an art than just something to do on the phone.

“I think taking a photo with my camera feels different than taking a photo on my phone. When I am shooting film, I love to do little like film versus iPhone photos because you can see there’s so much more color there like you can feel the photo,” Ramirez said. “Meanwhile, an iPhone photo just feels very bland and very straight to the point. You don’t get that color, you don’t get that shading, you don’t get that green from an iPhone photo that you would film photos.”

Aside from the aesthetic aspect of taking film photos, she went on to say there is more authenticity when taking photos with film instead of smartphones, the reason being that there has been a resurgence in the popularity of film photography from the 90s.

“It’s just because of the feel of nostalgia that it gives you when you get that film back. Because it’s in the moment, you don’t know what the photo came out like. You know when you take a photo on your phone and you’re like, ‘Oh, I look weird here,’ ‘Oh I don’t like it,’ you just like to really analyze everything and look at it and keep taking photos,” Ramirez said. “Taking photos with film, you have to be very selective.”

The feeling of nostalgia is something that is addicting to this generation. The age group of instant gratification has become intrigued by the idea of sending in a roll of memories, unknown of what they may look like. The anticipation of picking up a collection of photos is a reminder of how things always come back around, and more people are willing to take the time to appreciate a moment instead of snap past it.

“A photo is worth a million words, as they say,” Ramirez said. “Photos are a match for everything for you. You will always need a photo of something no matter what.”


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Written by Melissa Donovan

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