Fathers as Part of the Team

During May, people in our nation and around the world celebrate Mother’s Day. Now, during June we will honor fathers of the world. You may not know how historically appropriate it is that Father’s Day follows Mother’s Day on the calendar. However, this makes sense because Father’s Day was created 58 years after Mother’s Day which was established in 1914. Perhaps, this is because the love of and for our mothers is one of the most valuable and visible emotions while the emotions related to fathers are not displayed as often. But I cannot find a historical reason for the priority of these processes except that at one point there were several suggestions for a Parent’s Day rather than the two holidays we celebrate now. Personally, I prefer that we celebrate both.

While most of the world’s mothers are seen as the center of the home, fathers are often seen as more distant. This should not be mistaken as a measure of their involvement in the preservation of the family and home concept. As Father’s Day arrives on June 19 this year, we can grasp the opportunity to honor our fathers with the respect and love bestowed on our mothers.

In my opinion, parents work as a team in most households to support the family structure for however long the team can survive. While many teams fail in the home atmosphere, countless others also continue to thrive as a team during separations and even divorce. Without the love of both parents this team concept would not survive.

Father’s Day 2022 will present an opportunity to honor, respect and cherish our father figures whether biological, adopted, step, or in-law. For most, these father figures provide strong love and encouragement when we need it most. As I reflect, I am thankful for my biological, step and in-law fathers who each in their own way embossed a lasting legacy on my life. Without them I would not be a capable household handyman, a man who respects the sacrifices and honor owed to our veterans, or a person who learned of the hardships faced by the strong immigrants who came to this country to help build it into the home of the brave.

Though none of my three father figures are still with me, I wish we could tackle a task together, get the grill going, take a walk in the woods, listen to some old records, share a meal, or listen to tales of gallantry and hardship. This is our chance to show our love and respect for one of the home-team.

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Written by Don Long

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