4 Floral Trends in Bloom This Spring

Modern Bouquet Shapes
Today’s bride is steering away from tradition in some aspects of her wedding, opting instead to make choices that lend to her individual style. While the traditional round bouquet isn’t going anywhere, modern brides can choose from cascading bouquets (both over the top and more subdued); hand-tied bouquets in a more organic, unstructured shape; and or a small bouquet made up of only a few flowers of the same variety. There is an option for every bride.

Old-Fashioned Flowers
Roses and tulips are popular wedding flowers year after year, but in 2017, brides are choosing old-fashioned floral varieties to add some vintage inspiration to their big day. Popular flowers that are sprouting up this year include carnations, chrysanthemums and dahlias.

Muted Color Palettes
From her makeup to her bridesmaid dresses, and now to her floral arrangements, brides seem to be drawn to more muted color palettes this year. No matter the wedding’s theme or location, those classic cream shades mixed with romantic rose tones and even toned-down blues and purples create a beautiful ambiance and a timeless elegance.

With Greenery being selected as PANTONE’s color of the year for 2017, it’s no surprise that it is popping up in weddings. But it isn’t represented only in wedding party color themes. It also has a strong presence in wedding day floral arrangements. Whether the bouquet’s flowers sit in a bed of greenery or succulents and garland make up the reception centerpieces, it will have a prominent place in wedding floral.


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