Interesting Alternative Christmas Decor To Flaunt During The Holidays

It’s that time of year to deck the halls, hang the mistletoe, and take out the holiday decor to display for neighbors, friends, and strangers alike. For those wanting to switch up from the traditional red and green or the typical decor you see on every lawn on the cul-de-sac, here are some ideas to help you curate a creative holiday set-up that’s personal to you. 

Flowers on the Christmas Tree

Bring some bright flowers into your home this holiday season by putting flowers onto the Christmas tree instead of the traditional garland like popcorn or pine. When adding flowers, you can choose what kind and how many; whether you add fake roses or real carnations, your flower tree will be unique to you. This decor will surely draw some eyes and bring a warm feeling to your holiday home. 

Change Up the Color Scheme 

Try a new central color this year for those tired of the traditional red, green, silver, and gold. Embrace the pop culture phenomenon of Barbie and create a pink holiday display, or lean into the winter aspect and go for cool blue and snowy white decor. Fans of the iconic combination of red and green can opt for different shades like emerald and garnet or pastels. 

Create a Book Tree 

For any avid readers with books overflowing their bookshelf, creating a Christmas tree out of books is the perfect way to utilize your library. Start placing your books in a circle to the size of your liking, then stack them up until you can only place one book on top. Decorate it however you want, and your tree will be finished. A book tree can be a fun and personal way to display your books while staying true to the season.

Oversized Outdoor Decor 

Instead of playing out the typical scenes of decorated houses opt in for a macro look at everyone’s favorite micro decorations. Whether you’re doing it yourself or buying from the store, you can enlarge just about anything. You can create a comical scene of epic proportions with ornaments, candy canes, and light bulbs. 

Decorating is all about expressing yourself through the decor. Whether you go for the unconventional or traditional, decorating for the holiday can be an interesting way to express yourself.


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Written by Alexa Fuentes

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