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The thought of going to the dentist can invoke many emotions, anxiety being the most common. Dr. Jivan and his experienced staff have the training to provide an atmosphere that keeps patients at ease. Advanced Park Dental is conveniently located on Park Avenue and opened its doors in April this year.
From the moment a patient walks in the door, someone is there to guide him or her through the entire process, from filling out forms on an iPad to meeting with the doctor and his assistant. Appointment blocks are scheduled in longer increments so patients don’t feel rushed. “The last thing we want to do is rush through an exam or not give the patient our undivided attention,” Dr. Jivan says. “We respect their time as well as our own.”
Taking his time not only shows patients that they’re a priority but it also helps to calm their nerves, especially when Dr. Jivan is working with children. He prefers to see children as early as possible, starting with play dates in the dental chair to get them comfortable in the office setting. This sets the precedent for positive dental experiences for a lifetime.
Dr. Jivan uses photography as a tool to educate his patients about their dental health, giving them a visual of any issues that need correcting and a better understanding of why the treatment is necessary. “If we’re just patching things up, we’re almost doing a disservice to the patient,” Dr. Jivan says. “If we show them the right way to do things, the right way to manage their mouth, then they’ll have a healthier smile for a lot longer.”
Advanced Park Dental is an eco-friendly practice that uses digital technology as much as possible. X-rays are taken and processed digitally so the radiation is remarkably low and there are no chemicals involved in the process. Each exam room has a TV that gives patients access to a library of movies and music through Netflix and Pandora. There are also organic dental products available to patients with toothpastes, mouth rinses and breath sprays that include natural ingredients like peppermint oil to cool and freshen breath without harsh chemicals.
While patients are of the utmost importance to Dr. Jivan, so is the community that Advanced Park Dental calls home. Through sponsorships, involvement in local high school activities, and memberships with the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and Park Avenue Merchant’s Association, the practice helps to make its community a better place. Dr. Jivan says, “Part of being in a community is giving back and to really be involved.”
For a family-friendly practice that focuses on educating patients while giving them a healthy smile, don’t be shy and get in touch with Advanced Park Dental.

Dr. Mitesh Jivan
329 Park Avenue N., #360
Winter Park, FL 32789


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