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What Women Need to Know About Their Health

Dr. Christopher Walker of Urogyn Specialists of Florida answers your questions about the most intimate female matters.

What Women Need to Know About Their Health

Urogynecology is a sub-speciality that offers an all-in-one approach to women’s health issues.

Dr Christopher Walker of Urogyn Specialists of Florida can diagnose and treat a full spectrum of issues that affect women. Not only is he a gynecologist but also a urogynecologist, which means he is also trained in the art of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for women.

Below are some of the Q&A from patients who sought the help of Dr. Walker.

Q: I delivered my baby seven months ago and my vagina has not returned to normal. What can I do?

A: The vagina is a tube through which the baby passed during childbirth. This muscular tube got stretched and as a result you are having undesired changes. There are many options to make the “tube” return to it prior tone. These include non-surgical options such as Kegel MD therapy or a non-painful in office procedure such as the Thermiva and if severe a vaginal rejuvenation surgery which can be done as an out patient with minimal down-time. Remember each woman is different and so an in office consultation is ideal to create a specific treatment plan to address the problem.

Q: The older I get and after having babies it became hard for me to control my bladder. I have to always cross my legs if I cough, laugh or sneeze. Is this a normal part of aging for women?

A:  Leaking of urine, whether a few drops or more is NOT a normal part of aging. In fact, I hate to hear of patients resorting to use sanitary pads to protect themselves from the leakage of urine. Today in 2018, we have many options which range from holistic therapies such a Kegel MD to in-office minor procedures designed to tighten the “door of the bladder” and thereby solve this embarrassing problem. So I encourage you to come in, get a real solution and throw away your sanitary pads!

Q: I noticed after the birth of my baby my vaginal lips were not the same. They now get in the way when I am intimate with my partner. Help, please!

A: The labia of the vagina (“vaginal lips”) can change their size and symmetry during/after puberty, after childbirth and with hormonal changes. There is no need for a woman to suffer from sexual displeasure related to the labia. This can easily be corrected by a minor surgical procedure known as a labiaplasty, which restores the anatomy and corrects any discomfort related to the labia during vaginal penetration.

Q: I cannot drink any fluids especially fruit juices or water. If I do, I have to run to the bathroom and sometimes I leak urine on the way. I am over this!

A: You have a condition known as an overactive bladder and urge urinary incontinence. We can certainly help you and prevent you from walking around dehydrated and thirsty. Many simple options exist including the use of holistic bladder supplements, prescribed oral medications, Kegel MD therapy to even Botox of the bladder. Firstly, we will have to perform routine non-painful office tests to understand the underlying problem and then using that data to create an individualized treatment plan to correct the issue.

Q: My menstrual periods are heavy and painful. Sometimes I have to stay home from work. What can I do?

A: Firstly, no woman should have extreme pelvic pain with her menstrual cycle and the bleeding should be controlled over 5-7 days. This extreme pain needs to be further evaluated for possible causes such as endometriosis or the presence of a polyp or fibroid. In our office, we have on-site ultrasonography which will help us to target the cause of such heavy bleeding and pelvic pain. Solutions to this would include prescribing hormonal medications to simple in-office procedures designed to remove the polyp or fibroid.

Q: I am a breast cancer survivor. After chemotherapy my vagina is dry and sex is very painful. Is there any medical solution for this?

A: Congrats on conquering breast cancer. It is time for you to live your life to the fullest now! Yes, many options exist which will are all NON-HORMONAL. These options have all been approved by Medical oncologist because of the science behind them. The options include a simple in office procedure such as Thermiva to a minor out- patient procedure which utilizes the science of Regenerative medicine. The BejaREGEN procedure is a safe and highly effective option that utilizes a patients “regenerative cells” to restore the vagina and other genital areas to a youthful state….. essentially the procedure reverses the hands of time and restores the pleasure and intensity of intimacy.

Q: I had a transvaginal mesh implanted in my body to lift up my bladder, vagina and rectum which were falling. Now, I am having severe pains when I have sex and I also see some blood when I finish using the restroom. Is this something I should expect?

A: No, those are not normal symptoms and I want you to have this evaluated. Sometimes, the transvaginal mesh becomes exposed in the vagina or erodes into the bladder or rectum. These findings can result in severe pelvic pain and infections. Sometimes the mesh has to be removed from the vagina and is then replaced with a natural biologic tissue graft. This is a surgical procedure that is done as a last resort but if necessary can be done as an  out patient and is designed to lift up the female genital organs and to restore normal sexual function.

Q: I am only 37 years old and have lost the majority of vaginal sensitivity during intercourse after having a baby and have little to no libido. Are there any treatments to help me get my sexual life back?

A: Yes, we offer three non-invasive in office treatments such as, ThermiVa, O-shot and BejaREGEN® –  revolutionary regenerative cellular medicine techniques that have proved to be a powerful solution to correct several issues for both men and women resulting in enhanced intimacy, intensified orgasms and a restoration of sexual function. In some cases, things are made better than they were before having babies!.


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