Spring Training With Scott Horns

For all of the the intense training that triathletes put themselves through it’s important to pay attention to a couple of key things this time of year. Scott Horns, a Certified USA Triathlon Training Coach, and 15 time Ironman Finisher talks about the importance of monitoring intensity and allowing for recovery during the spring season.

Spring training is a time of year that is tricky for athletes, whether you live in a cold climate or the warm south. The issue stems from athletes trying to catch up on training missed from bad weather or the demands of the Holiday season.

Target races are getting close for many athletes, which also brings on a sense of urgency. The biggest tip I can offer is to be patient and do not rush into spring training. Let your body respond at it’s own pace. Pushing too hard can lead to injury and create set backs.

Now for all the Type A athletes this advice will not sit well with you. So consider these simple tips. They do not require any extra time and will allow your body to adapt to the training faster.

· Aim for an extra hour of sleep each night

· Increase water intake to the 40-60 ounce range per day – not including fluids used during training

· Cut down on sugar intake and make dinner your smallest meal using nutrient dense foods like salads and lean proteins

These 3 simple changes will speed up recovery and allow you to find your ideal training and racing weight as the season starts.

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