Skin Care is for Men Too

Guys get a bad rap when it comes to skin care. It’s not that men don’t care about their skin. Many are just not familiar with the steps they need to take. There are a few, but critical, steps men should take to maximize skin care health.

Cleanse daily. This is important because men tend to have more active sebaceous glands than women. That means our face is oilier. Find a gentle facial cleanser and use it daily. I recommend a liquid form, not bars, because these generally contain more moisturizers.

Shaving. This is where a large portion of men’s skin care problems arise. Shaving can irritate your skin and cause ingrown hairs or razor burn. To avoid this, shave after you wash your face or shower so the hair is soft. Use a shaving cream or shaving oil to lubricate your razor and reduce friction. Do not pull the skin taut when shaving. Then, move your razor with the grain, or in the same direction the hair grows. Most men go against the grain to get a closer shave, which is more likely to result in ingrown hairs. If you struggle with razor burn or have acne, use a multi-blade razor, take short strokes and do not shave over the same area more than twice. This will help lessen the irritation.

Moisturize. As soon as you finish shaving or washing your face you should moisturize. Choose one that is non-comedogenic, which means it does not cause acne, and that includes at least SPF 30 for sun protection. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your ears and any areas of your scalp where you have thinning hair or are bald.


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