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Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida: Infertility Experts with Heart

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida provides many levels of support for patients as they build they families.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida: Infertility Experts with Heart

Annika Levitt and her husband always knew they wanted to expand their family. After five years, many visits to the obstetrician and no success, they considered an alternative route to achieve their goal of becoming parents.

During their initial consultation at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey, which is part of the RMA Network, the results of preliminary genetic testing showed that they were both carriers for a muscle disorder. The possibility of having a healthy baby wasn’t fully there.

“We went in thinking we wouldn’t have to take major steps then were hit with the bomb of having to take the most major step,” she remembers.

Onsite technicians were able to fertilize Levitt’s eggs, culture the couple’s embryos and perform biopsies before selecting one single, genetically healthy embryo that had the highest chances of leading to the desired result: a live birth. The Levitts went through this cycle twice and now have two healthy children — one girl and one boy.

The RMA Network has been at the forefront of research, innovation and patient-focused fertility treatments for almost two decades, helping thousands of patients from around the U.S. and the world. The practice sets the standard for infertility care with the many levels of support for patients as they work toward their dreams of being a parent.

Medical and Financial Support
In December, the RMA Network opened Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida, a clinic and IVF laboratory in Lake Mary that is led by Dr. George Patounakis. The care he provides is based on a proven method from RMANJ, where success rates are 20 percent higher than the national average among all age groups.

“This is a boutique practice that provides highly personalized care,” he says. “We’re truly committed to helping patients build their families one healthy baby at a time.”
Dr. Patounakis and his staff understand that there is not one single answer to every infertility case, so patients receive an unparalleled personal degree of attention and care throughout their journey. Dr. Patounakis dedicates himself to patient success by being entirely accessible to them throughout the experience.

While the RMA Network consistently pursues the desired outcome of each patient, the facility is willing to share in the risk of failure through its Care Share refund program. This level of support provides hopeful parents with reassurance as they move forward with an alternative means of family building.

“We feel so strongly about helping people build their families that we have a shared risk program that takes out the financial risk of going through treatment but not getting
the desired result of a live birth,” Dr. Patounakis says.

Emotional Support from Peers
During Levitt’s treatment at RMANJ, she had a network of family and friends who cared about her, but she couldn’t help but feel alone. They didn’t quite understand what she was
going through since they hadn’t experienced it themselves.

So when she had the opportunity to provide feedback to the RMA Network during a research meeting, she jumped at the chance. Levitt explained that she received a wealth of support for her doctor and nurses, but she wished she had access to a private Facebook group where women could share their stories and provide guidance and support to each other.

“They respected my feedback so much that they let me execute this huge idea that has taken off,” she says.

Levitt started FertiliTalk in 2014 when she was pregnant with her second child. It began with just five members. As of March, the group had just over 1,600 members who are at all stages of their journey with the RMA Network. Levitt’s goal is to hit the 2,000 mark by the summertime.

“The beauty of FertiliTalk is that it’s for patients by patients,” Levitt says. “Even women, like me, who have two miracles or who have ended their journey stay on to offer advice.”

What to Expect at RMAFL
Dr. Patounakis and his staff are focused on one goal: helping infertility patients become parents in the Greater Orlando area and across Florida. “As a father of two girls, I know how much that means and I’m driven by that purpose every single day,” he says.

If you’re ready to take the next step in starting your own family, call Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida to schedule a new patient appointment.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida
400 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 150
Lake Mary, FL 32746

If you need additional support throughout your journey then consider becoming a part of FertiliTalk. These are some of the most common topics:

1. Success rates: Hear from women who have built their families through successful experiences within the RMA Network and find out the success rate statistics straight from the doctors.

2. Finances: Insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of fertility treatments. Learn from others who have struggled with the financial aspect of their fertility journey as well as individuals who have leaned on the Care Share program for support.

3. Emotional support: This experience can take a toll on your marriage, your well-being, your job and on your relationships as a whole. Get advice about how to handle the stress as well as how to answer tough questions that you may face from loved ones.

4. Fear: Fear is a major factor in deciding whether or not to move ahead with treatments. Express your fears and receive helpful feedback from women who have been through it.

5. Helpful tips: You’re traveling and are unsure how to pack what you need for your treatments. Can the medicine go in carry-on luggage? How do you balance your medicine schedule with your activities? Learn all the tricks that have been passed on through women in this group.


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