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Look as Radiant as You Feel on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is as special as you are. Your inner beauty and radiant glow will shine through. However, it’s understandable to feel as though you need a little boost to visibly improve your skin’s appearance for a picture-perfect look. And doesn’t your mom, who has been there for you every step of the way in life, deserve to look her very best, too?

Based on your age and specific concerns, there are many procedures to help you reach your beauty goals. This includes Botox or Juvederm dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, or even medical-strength chemical peels.

Dermal fillers such as Vollure are highly effective for softening marionette lines and the thin lines around the lips that so quickly betray a woman’s age. Others like Voluma are designed to restore volume and plump the sagging skin that forms in the chin area.

In other cases, medical-strength TCA chemical peels or laser treatments can help visibly minimize the appearance of pores. This will leave you with smoother, evenly-toned skin. Botox is also an effective solution for minimizing the appearance of the vertical lines that form between your eyebrows after years of frowning and squinting. These lines make you look older (and angrier) than you truly are. It’s also ideal for smoothing crow’s feet that form when you smile.

Although you have millions of other things to do during the planning stages, don’t wait until the last week or even month before your wedding to consider your options. Schedule a consultation for a customized treatment plan and at-home skincare regiment no later than two months prior to your wedding day. You’ll glow with a youthful spark that everyone will notice.

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Michael Steppie, MD, is the president and medical director of Associates in Dermatology with 15 Central Florida locations.


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