Healing from Within

True healing therapy for high and low blood pressure requires an in-depth look at how an individual is holding back on living his or her life.

On the surface, the cause of high blood pressure might appear to be salt intake, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and even genetics. A deeper look can reveal another cause that is more truthful but not as obvious. Even low blood pressure, though usually not known to be harmful, can cause dizziness, fainting or blurred vision.

Energy healing provides a broader, more open examination into how an individual holds his or her energy. This energy is the vibration and frequency that feelings and thoughts emit. It is the essence of the soul that has a will and the ability to make conscious choices, both healthy and unhealthy. Even though individuals have free will, it is altered and distorted by people who may have taken advantage of them when they were children.

Many times, especially in the case of high blood pressure, an individual is completely unaware of the effects of his or her own childhood. Past experiences are being re-lived in a negative way, causing constant pressure on the circulatory system. Sometimes these experiences are re-lived in defense, denial or secrecy, and the bad memories are usually ignored because they are painful.
According to author Louise Hay, long-standing, unresolved emotional problems cause high blood pressure while a lack of love as a child and the resulting defeatism in life causes low blood pressure. These distorted, hidden emotions or thought processes produce a constant unharmonious vibration in the heart region that is eventually filled with competition, money, alcohol, smoking, drugs or any food item that brings instant gratification. Buried or denied anger is constantly in the background eating away at any joy that life might bring to an individual.

Since the heart is not considered an involuntary or voluntary muscle, an individual will rarely feel the gradual build up of discomfort or pain that is collected in the heart until it is too late. Most times, this area becomes numb.

An experienced energy healer works with a patient who is suffering from high blood pressure to first remove years of negative emotions and trauma from the heart region. The healer will then infuse the area with positive energy (white and pink light). Within a loving, nonjudgmental state, the healer further comforts the patient’s heart with security and love.

In the energy healing session, the patient might experience deep grief, sorrow, sadness, anger or hate. Ultimately, the patient feels relaxed, at ease and possibly filled with security and love. He or she will slowly be able to make positive choices without much effort and improve his or her life instead of becoming a helpless victim to the disease.

Sundeep Jay is an energy healer and spiritual life coach with Healing Select Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and the Barbara Brennan School of Energy Healing.


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