A Clear Path to the Perfect Smile

Gone are the days of goopy impressions leading to clunky, metal braces that are work for two years. Orthodontics is experiencing a digital revolution, which is sure to change how you think about straightening your teeth in the future.

You are probably already aware of invisible orthodontics with clear, removable aligners like Invisalign and Clear Correct on the market. Over the past 10 years, this technology has taken off. Patients who were previously told that they were not candidates for clear aligner therapy are now able to use these digitally designed devices to straighten their crooked teeth.

With a simple, one-minute scan, digital models of your teeth are created without the need for impressions. An orthodontic specialist will then alter these models on a computer to design your perfect smile. The final digital production allows you to see what your teeth will look like before you even start. After you approve the digital models, they are sent to a lab so the clear aligners can be fabricated.

Then you can decide how fast you wish to straighten your teeth. You can choose between two options. With the traditional method, the aligners are changed every two to three weeks. The accelerated method can cut the total treatment time in half. It begins with a simple surgical procedure of alveolar microperforation then the aligners are worn for one week each. With either option, the aligners are worn full time, or 22 hours each day, and are only removed when you eat or brush your teeth.

It’s important to choose an orthodontic specialist who has experience in clear aligner therapy. Labs assign their best technicians for the fabrication of the aligners to those specialists who treat the most patients using the aligners. When an orthodontic expert and a skilled lab technician work together, you are most likely to achieve the most effective and quickest results.

With any orthodontic treatment, sometimes there are roadblocks or unexpected occurrences. It will suit you best to be under the care of a professional who is well-trained in all aspects of orthodontic devices, including lingual braces and ceramic braces, in order to finish your treatment on time and to your liking. This is because it is not actually the clear aligner that moves your teeth; it is the design of the clear aligner. Aligners are simply a tool, like a hammer, and need the right craftsman for an optimal result. Good dentistry and orthodontics has always relied on the synergy of good clinicians and good laboratory techs that work well together.

Overall, the benefits of invisible orthodontics include:
-Improvements in clear aligners
-Invisible and removable
-Seeing the final result before you start
-Accelerated treatment is possible
-Skilled providers are critical for success
-No uncomfortable impressions


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Written by Dr. Jason Battle

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