Arnold Palmer Hospital Expands Transport Team

arnold palmer transport

Arnold Palmer Hospital is expanding its pediatric acute care transport team with a third vehicle in an effort to reach young patients with non-critical conditions at local hospitals.

Before now, local emergency medical service agencies provided all the transport of young patients from local hospitals to Arnold Palmer Hospital. With this new endeavor, Arnold Palmer Hospital hopes to expedite the transport of children with non-critical illnesses or injuries, which will presumably improve clinical outcomes.
According to a press release, this expansion will allow the hospital to transport 100 children per month.

The hospital is also taking on an additional pediatric-specialized acute care team that will operate 24 hours a day. The team will be fully trained and certified in providing advanced life support and care, reducing delays in the delivery of adequate care.

“Caring for kids who are very sick is not as simple as treating a small adult,” Mary Farrell, the medical director for pediatric acute care transport service at Arnold Palmer Hospital, says. “Children who are seriously ill or injured require very specific therapies and treatment delivered in a timely fashion.”


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