2 Reasons Why Men Should See a Doctor Regularly

If you’re like most men, you’ve probably put off your doctor’s visits longer than you should have. The common belief is that if you feel and look OK, then you must be relatively healthy. Right? Not so fast.

Many common, preventable conditions aren’t obvious at their earlier stages without routine tests and checkups. As a physician at Florida Urology Associates and medical director of urology at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, I want to encourage men to schedule and attend routine doctor’s visits in order to prevent conditions from developing. Here are two important reasons why you or your loved one should see the doctor regularly:

1. To detect an emerging urologic condition. There are countless urological disorders and diseases that impact men as they age, including urinary incontinence, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), kidney and ureteral stones, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Routine screenings will help your doctor keep track of your health, as well as detect, diagnose and treat conditions as necessary.

2. To ask questions about your health and discuss your health goals. Routine visits are the best time to ask those lingering, sometimes uncomfortable questions you have about a concerning health issue. We want you to be educated about your health and know all of the options available, especially when it comes to spotting unusual symptoms.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to come see your doctor. Schedule an appointment or encourage the men you care about to get screened regularly. If you’re looking for a doctor who can put you on the right path, visit Florida Urology Associates at FHMedicalGroup.com. With 11 office locations in the greater Orlando area, we’re never too far from home.


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Written by Dr. Jeffery Brady

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