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Keeping Up with the Traveling Barkeep

Traveling Bartender, Sean Hampson, shares his tips, tricks, and experiences on budgeting for travel and looking for adventure.

Keeping Up with the Traveling Barkeep

Harp and Celt is an authentic Irish pub and restaurant in the heart of downtown Orlando. It’s known for its welcoming atmosphere and traditional cuisine, but it’s also home to the  traveling, blogging bartender Sean Hampson.

When he’s not creating cocktails, he’s telling stories about his favorite vacation destinations around the world and asking customers to do the same. Hampson started the Traveling Barkeep blog as another way to share his experiences while offering tips so others could travel whenever and wherever they want, just like he does.

Experiences Worth Sharing

“A buddy of mine was pushing me to make a website,” he says. “He set it up for me and we went from there.” The energetic and friendly bartender also writes music and used his love of words to start this venture. “You’re still telling stories, but your trying to draw a different response,” he says. “You want [readers] to relate to it, [so] you need to explain things differently, like sight and smells.”

Hampson has traveled to Japan, Australia, Spain, Morocco and Costa Rica to name a few. He doesn’t use a fancy travel company to plan his adventures. He simply budgets his income and monitors his spending habits so he can travel the world.

“I travel on my own budget,” Hampson says. “I’ve written articles about saving money and living frugally and different tips I like to give to people.”

While he’s used to hearing people says that he’s fortunate to be able to travel, Hampson is quick to note that certain factors are luck but that he can’t do it without making sacrifices. In a blog post titled “How to Live Cheap and Save Money for Travel,” he explains simple ways to cut back on spending. From going out on a budget to getting an inexpensive hobby to keep you busy, he dives into how each lifestyle change can save you money. Each post provides helpful travel insight and showcases his personality.

While Hampson never had the opportunity to bartend on a trip abroad, he’s looking forward to trying it out eventually. His boss, Harp and Celt owner Kathy Day, has encouraged him to take the time he needs to travel.

“He’s one of my best bartenders and I hope he keeps up the traveling,” says Kathy Day.

“She’s really pushed me to travel, and I swear she’s created a monster,” Hampson says. “She has been an inspiration and a huge support for me.”

Hampson always has his eyes open for his next adventure. He has been monitoring flights for a trip to Iceland or Norway this summer. In his blog, he advises his readers to ask themselves questions like, “When is the cheapest time to go to New Zealand?” That way, when they’re stuck in a routine, they can always be planning the vacation they don’t plan on taking – at least not yet.

Want to reach out to Sean? Email him at travelingbarkeep@gmail.com


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