Private Gardens of Historic Orlando: Celebrate Community and Nature

A flower garden in the backyard in the summer.

On March 26th, the Lake Eola Heights Historic Neighborhood Association is hosting its tenth biennial tour of “The Private Gardens of Historic Orlando Featuring Lake Eola Heights.” This long-awaited event promises to be an enchanting experience for all who attend. After a four-year hiatus, the neighborhood is eager to showcase its stunning gardens again.

The tour gives visitors a glimpse into the charming, hidden spaces found within the neighborhood. The streets are lined with beautiful brick paths and adorned with oak boughs and Spanish moss, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The tour gives visitors a chance to pause and appreciate the beautiful area, all while indulging in the enchanting gardens.

The tour will start at noon and run until 5:00 p.m. Visitors can explore eight homes, each with a unique garden space. This self-guided tour allows visitors to take as much time as they need to appreciate the gardens. Additionally, for those interested in purchasing plants for their gardens, plant vendors will be set up at “Garden Central,” located next to Broadway United Methodist Church at 406 East Amelia St. Tickets are $20 if purchased in advance and $25 on-site at Garden Central. Purchase tickets at

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Lake Eola Heights Historic District and benefit the Orange Preservation Trust (OPT). The event is an opportunity to support the preservation of historic neighborhoods while enjoying the beauty of these unique and enchanting garden spaces.

Complimentary electric vehicles will transport visitors, making the event more accessible and convenient for everyone attending. So, don’t miss this opportunity to see some beautiful and unique gardens in Orlando. Enjoy an unforgettable day of exploration, inspiration, and relaxation in the heart of one of Orlando’s most historic neighborhoods.

History of the Private Gardens of Historic Orlando Tour

The Private Gardens of Historic Orlando tour began in 2004 when friends in Lake Eola Heights would invite themselves to view each other’s beautiful gardens while walking to breakfast on Sunday morning. The first tour featured 15 gardens, but after three years, it was limited to 10 and became a bi-annual event. In 2010 it was postponed due to a freeze but became one of the most highly attended tours in 2011. Plein Air artists were added to capture the beauty of the gardens, and some tours included a bonus garden or antique cars. The mission was distilled to focus on celebrating gardens in a historical setting, and Orange Preservation Trust (OPT) became the beneficiary of the tour. 

The event now features the City’s Historic Preservation officer with information on historic homes. The tour has also expanded to include other historic neighborhoods, including Lawsona Fern Creek and Lake Davis. The Private Gardens of Historic Orlando tour has strengthened the bonds of the community and is funding OPT, providing a legacy for historic preservation and gardening in Central Florida.


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