4 Haunted Hotels Across the U.S.

This fall, there’s nothing better than some good, old spooky fun. The United States is home to some of the most haunted hotels, which have inspired television shows and movies, including one here in Florida. Let’s visit some of our favorite haunts.

The Stanley Hotel

The historic Stanley Hotel is located an hour away from Denver in Estes Park, Colorado. While many areas of the hotel are believed to be haunted, the most famous ghost can be found in room 217. The room is believed to be haunted by Elizabeth Wilson, who was a housekeeper injured in the room during a storm in 1911.

It was in this room that Stephen King was inspired to write his best-selling novel-turned-film, “The Shining.” Visitors can request to stay in this spirited room when making a reservation, as well as room 428 or room 401, a favorite of the Ghost Hunters crew. You can also book tours of the hotel, including a night tour that guides you through its eerie history. You do not need to be a guest to take a tour.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located in the heart of Hollywood and is the longest-running hotel in Los Angeles. Built in 1927, the hotel played host to many celebrities over the years and was also the host location for the very first Academy Awards ceremony. The most active celebrities whose spirits chose to never leave the hotel include Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Monroe is often spotted in mirrors of her favorite suite (room 1200) while Clift chooses to roam the hallways outside of room 928. He can often be heard practicing his trumpet.

The Don CeSar

Located in St. Pete Beach, The Don CeSar was built in 1927 by Thomas Rowe. Rowe built the hotel as a tribute to his long lost love, Lucinda, who he met in London. When Lucinda’s parents took her back to Spain after forbidding their love affair, Rowe never gave up hope. Although his love letters were never answered, his love for Lucinda never ended. Today, there have been reports of an old-fashioned gentleman in a Panama-style hat and white suit wandering the grounds near the replica of the fountain he built for his beloved.

Cecil Hotel

Cecil Hotel opened its doors in 1927 and quickly made a name for itself, but not in a good way. The inspiration for the fifth season of “American Horror Story,” it earned its name as “the most haunted hotel in Los Angeles” with many suicides and several murders taking place on hotel property. It even became home to a serial killer when The Night Stalker committed many of his 13 murders while living on one of the top floors. It has since been renamed.


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