CECO Hosts Celebration Embraces Inclusivity and Growth

Photo of CECO student interacting with Santa at the school's annual family day event.

A Season of Joy at CECO

On December 21, the Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) transformed into a festive wonderland for students and their families. The annual family day event showcases the school’s commitment to enriching the lives of students with neurological motor disabilities.

Sensory Activities Promote Inclusivity

CECO, currently home to 49 students, burst with holiday cheer as each classroom became an activity hub. From joyous pictures with Santa to the delicate art of ornament decoration, the school was alive with the sounds of karaoke renditions and the quiet rustle of storybooks during Christmas story time. The snow sensory games were a particular highlight. It offered a unique experience for the students to create snow in the Sunshine State.

Together with CECO, Everything is Possible

The day’s events were more than just celebrations. They were a bridge to the wider community, illustrating that the festive experiences many take for granted are also within reach for students at CECO.

“Families play a vital role in CECO’s life, and seeing the children and our adult participants with their family members going through the different activities is heartwarming,” says Executive Director Dr.Krisztina Weiszhaupt. “It also helps our staff members strengthen the relationship with the families, and it’s great for the families to meet, see each other, and exchange resources.”

Parent Testimony

Combining academic and therapy strategies to ensure students actively participate in life experiences is the school’s philosophy. Parent Mary Allen shares that she moved across the United States to become part of the CECO family.

“It’s great to have a community. It’s great that everybody who works here is amazing, and they have huge hearts for our kids. I feel safe sending my kid here,” Allen says. “When we first arrived, we came and toured [CECO] and had no intentions of moving to Florida. And then right when we walked in, we were like, ‘OK, I guess we’re moving to Florida.’ There’s nothing like this that we’ve ever seen. Everything is specialized for our kids, and you won’t find that care anywhere else.”

CECO Adult Day Program

The school also services adults with neurological motor disabilities. The full-time Adult Day Program is for individuals ages 22 and up, with virtual sessions available for individuals ages 18 and up.

Expansion on the Horizon

As CECO looks forward to the new year, exciting news awaits. The school plans to move to a new building, an expansion that promises to extend its services to more children and adults in need.

“We have wait lists for each of our programs. We have seven different programs that cover the family’s needs from very early ages to 60 years old, so we can open new classrooms with the new location,” Weiszhaupt says. “We also plan to build a new residential home for those at the age when they should move out from their parent’s homes.”

According to Weiszhaupt, the ideal location will be no more than 15-20 minutes away. Stay tuned for updates.

How You Can Make an Impact

With the expansion, CECO still wants to emphasize the importance of maintaining quality programming. Community support helps “drive transformative programs, providing crucial resources for physical, cognitive, and social skill development.”

Visit https://www.ceco.org/support to find out how you can make an impact.


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Written by Alexis George

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