4 Apps to Download This School Year

There’s a lot to do during the school year to keep your grades on track. These four apps make it a little bit easier by helping to keep you organized, rested and ready to learn.

Study like a pro by creating flashcards from your class notes through Flashcards+ by Chegg. Designed as a study tool for both high school and college students, this app makes it easy to review notes on the go, whether it’s for a class exam or SAT and ACT prep. You can add images to the flashcards, such as chemistry formulas, anatomy diagrams or anything else that needs to be memorized quickly. Flashcard decks prepared by other students are available for download and you can share your decks with your classmates for study sessions.
Available on iOS and Android devices, Free with additional fees for specific features

myHomework Student Planner
Do you get overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities during the school year? With myHomework Student Planner, you can digitally keep track of your homework assignments, project deadlines and exam dates in an easy-to-navigate display calendar. Since the app supports time, block and period-based schedules, it’s perfect for middle school, high school or college students. A premium account allows you to sync across other platforms, receive homework reminders and automatically download class information, assignments, files and announcements from any teacher’s class.
Available on iOS and Android devices, Free for the basic version and $4.99 for the premium version

Office Lens
Gone are the days of scribbling down notes during class and then misplacing them later. This organizational app allows users to digitize their notes by snapping a photo of an instructor’s whiteboard, blackboard or printed documents and then storing them. Even handwritten text can be automatically recognized so you can share notes between classmates. Office Lens cleans up any glare or shadows from photos, trims and colors images, and converts images to Word, Powerpoint or PDF files that are then automatically saved to OneDrive. Studying will be even easier when you can access all of your notes in one convenient location.
Available on iOS and Android devices, Free

Sleep Cycle
This app will help you get to school on time, feeling rested and energized. Through the night, Sleep Cycle uses sound analysis to monitor your movements in bed through each sleep phase. The information that is logged allows the app to awaken you each morning when you’re in a light sleep phase, which makes you feel like you’re waking up naturally without an alarm. The more restful sleep and soothing wake-up experience helps to prepare you for a full day of learning. A premium subscription includes additional features like snore trends, a heart rate monitor and sleep notes for more in-depth information about your sleep patterns.
Available on iOS and Android devices, Free for the basic version and $29.99 for a premium subscription


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