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Welcome to our New Beginnings issue! I’m sure many of you are anticipating new beginnings in 2014, whether you’ll be working hard at working out, resolving to give back to your community more, or reserving a time slot each day just for you. Here at Lifestyle, we’re seeing new beginnings take shape too: new faces, new stories, and plenty of new goals.

Taking that leap to start something new can be scary. Maybe that’s why I never really make a New Year’s resolution. I mean, why should I put so much pressure on myself just as the year is beginning? Last year, I started making healthy lifestyle changes mid-year after test results showed I had high cholesterol. I worked with my doctor to change my eating habits and to get motivated to exercise because I wanted to get healthy, not because it was January 1.

I succeeded the most at adopting a healthy diet; however, I did not succeed at staying motivated to exercise. I went to the gym a handful of times and I’ve done my fair share of crunches and jumping jacks in front of the TV. I stopped looking for the closest parking spot so I could walk more. But I never got the exercise routine down. If I could commit to be fit like David Cortes and Willow Houben (page ??) at some point this year, I would without a doubt reach my health goals. Maybe I’ll reinstate my gym membership or sign up for a yoga class or wake up an hour earlier and run around my neighborhood. That sounds like a new beginning in the making.

Now that the dust has settled from the holidays and 2014 is in full swing, I hope this issue will inspire you to make your own new beginning. It doesn’t have to be in January and it doesn’t have to be something huge. You can even let your new beginning find you like I did in 2013. Whatever it is, though, let’s keep each other motivated.

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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

Lyndsay Fogarty has had many roles at Central Florida Lifestyle, working her way from intern to contributing writer to managing editor. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Nicholson School of Communication where she earned her degree in journalism. Along the way, she has learned that teamwork and dedication to your craft will get you far, and a positive outlook on the present will get you even farther.

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