Make Your Goals a Reality in 2022

As one year ends and a new year arrives people tend to reflect on the past and start planning and establishing goals for the next year. Though it would seem natural to follow routes to success many people will propose goals without following through with the most vital component of reaching a goal, the plan. French laureate and author of “The Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, published one of the most famous quotes pertaining to planning. His quote, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, provides direct encouragement to plan.

Among the significant values of chamber of commerce membership is the availability of assistance within the membership structure for everything one needs to complete a plan. The chamber membership directory is an ideal source of services and items needed to support a plan.

As a retired Marine and now CEO/President of a chamber of commerce, I am intimately familiar with the need to plan to reach a goal or accomplish a mission. Though there are innumerable planning tools available, my favorite is the five-paragraph order exercised by virtually every successful Marine Corps leader. Planners using the Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, Command and Signal (SMEAC) method have led Marines into combat while also applying the system to successful missions during peace time. Effectively completing each paragraph provides a map to success and should leave no stone unturned in the planning process.

The SMEAC information shared here is commonly found in Marine training manuals in which the paragraphs are developed in much more detail. Readers can think of chamber sources of help while reviewing these condensed specifics:

  • Situation-This paragraph presents the state of existence, location, available resources, and workforce along with other possible supporting organizations or resources that can be called on. The situation must also include challenges, strength of the opposition, opposition location, and the opposition’s supporting organizations and resources. This paragraph is frequently compared to benchmarking.
  • Mission-This is the goal. It should be no longer than one sentence that states a clear and concise goal.
  • Execution– Execution classifies the who, when, what, and how of the process. It can also contain the overall concept and processes, identify the intent, and any other requirements for coordination internally and externally.
  • Administration and Logistics-This paragraph designates the necessary administrative supplies and processes while also pinpointing sources for revenue and supporting supplies.
  • Command and Signal-As persons work toward plan completion, they need to know who to report to, the levels where decisions are authorized, and how to communicate requirements and task accomplishments.

SMEAC may not suit everyone, but planners will be surprised how using an established and proven planning method can speed up the process to reach a goal. Plus, using chamber resources can increase the planners’ influence in the community. Start planning now to reach your goals.

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