Lake Nona: Fueling Growth in a Rapidly Changing Community

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I often talk about why Lake Nona is such an appealing place to live, work, and play, but now I want to talk about some of the work that goes into creating such an incredible community. It certainly doesn’t happen on its own!

The “Lake Nona vibe” is a common topic of discussion at events in other parts of Central Florida, and, of course, the incredible people here contribute to this energy. Some of the most talented people globally and world-class organizations contribute heavily to this “living lab.”

Tavistock Development is a forward-thinking organization that has invested in cutting-edge technology and innovation, which put Lake Nona on the world stage and established a thriving community. This planning, investment, and development has made Lake Nona a premier destination and a magnet for entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide.

Lake Nona has some incredible business incubator and accelerator programs that help entrepreneurs innovate and scale their businesses. These include the leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech Accelerator and the UCF Life Sciences Incubator. As a direct result of these programs, Lake Nona is the home to some of the most innovative advancements in technology and health care today. 

Each week, we see many business leaders from countries all over the world seeking to learn more about Lake Nona, how they can bring their businesses here, and even how to create similar communities in their native lands.

The Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce works to connect international business owners here in Central Florida with experts and a support network that can help them grow their enterprises here in the United States while working to serve their unique needs. The area is known for its technological advancements and for fostering a strong sense of community. 

The incredible economic development in Lake Nona fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that lives in the creative and ambitious people who work here or choose to call it home. It is a place where people support each other by providing access to ideas, expert advice, connections, and even leading to investment. 

The idea of economic development is tricky. It is often difficult for people to understand this concept and how it has a lasting impact on the surrounding area. Simply put, economic development happens when we work to attract businesses, help existing businesses grow, and create and retain jobs.  

Everyone wins when people work together to ensure decisions suit the business and the community.

For information about how to join the chamber or get the most out of your chamber membership, please get in touch with the Lake Nona Regional Chamber of Commerce at or call us at 407-796-2230. We would love to hear from you!


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Written by Candy Cole

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