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Custom Club Fitting: Find the perfect golf clubs for your swing

With summer on the doorstep, chances are you will want to check out the abundance of Orlando golf courses. A key component to a successful summer on the links is making sure you have the proper equipment. Sure, you need the basics (balls, gloves and tees), but the clubs in your bag deserve the most attention. But, is focusing on the details of your next choice of golf clubs worth the added costs?

After nearly a decade of swinging Titleist AP2 irons, I recently purchased a set of Taylor Made P-790s. The biggest difference between the two sets is the way I obtained them. A playing partner gifted the Titleist AP2s. Although it’s hard to beat free, those clubs were never a fit for my game.

As I was shopping around for a new set of irons, I reaped the benefits of a custom club fitting from the PGA TOUR Superstore’s Fitting Van Experience. At a reasonable cost of $99.99 for irons, the custom fit is truly one of a kind. In no time, your equipment will match your game!

Here are a few benefits of a custom club fitting:  

  • The technology: During the experience, golfers receive immediate feedback through access to game-changing technology in a private hitting bay. Within seconds, each swing provides its own set of detailed statistics. Numbers such as swing speed, ball speed, launch angle and swing plane are just a few examples of the detail the simulator provides. These statistics, which the average golfer typically doesn’t know, allow for a quick assessment by your specialist.
  • Expert recommendations: The data allows the specialist to make various recommendations to shaft types, grip types, club manufacturers and lofts. The more combinations you try, the easier it will be for your specialist to make his ultimate recommendation. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase a particular set of irons.
  • The right match: Within an hour, you will have a better idea of how you swing and, more importantly, what you should be swinging. A new set of golf clubs should be looked at as a long-term investment, so consider the comfort before factoring the cost. Your specialist will provide a list of purchase options at the end of the session. It’s highly recommended to make your choice based on that list.

Although I have a limited number of rounds with the Taylor Made P-790s, the difference in my game has been noticeable. The ball is traveling distances I’ve never hit before and is staying within the boundaries of the course, which has led to lower scores.

There is a plethora of ways for golfers to obtain equipment these days. The next time your considering purchasing a new set of clubs, I strongly recommend receiving a custom club fitting over any off-the-rack or out-of-the-garage “purchase.”

Hit ‘em straight, and enjoy your summer!


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Written by Nick Moore

Nick Moore is a sports contributor at Central Florida Lifestyle. He is an alumni of the University of Florida, where he graduated with honors from the School of Health and Human Performance - Sports Management.
Nick has been in the media industry for 13 years, serving a variety of roles in both the business and production aspects. His well-rounded work history is a testament to his belief that you can never learn too much, and the best learning comes through doing.

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