Keeping Your Pet Safe From The Summer Sun

A young Golden Retriever has a drink from a fountain at an off-leash dog park.

If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your furry best friend this summer, it’s ideal that you know how to keep them safe in the summer heat, and we all know how serious Florida’s rays are. Protecting your pet from the heat includes being able to distinguish what your pet needs as well as being able to tend to those needs. Here are some tips that will help you have the best summer with your pet, Florida style.

Hydration Is Key

The first thing to do is take preventative action. Animals tend to get dehydrated quickly so it would be a smart idea to bring extra water and even ice cubes on walks and to the dog park to ensure your pet’s hydration during their time outside.

Is My Pet Overheating?

When out and about underneath the scorching sun, you want to be able to determine whether or not your pet is overheating. The best way to do so is to check if they are drooling, excessively panting or have trouble breathing, salivating or have an increased heart/respiratory rate. It is important to diagnose these symptoms early so that you can help them as soon as possible.

If your pet happens to overheat, you want to immediately remove them from any sun and provide them with cool drinking water. In addition, it would be a good idea to place them in front of a fan or even apply cool water to their body to speed up the process. Note that rapid cooling can be dangerous and occurs when the body is shocked from being in its hot state. Providing water for the dog that is not too cold but not too warm at this point is ideal.

Best Time For A Walk

A huge mistake that pet owners make is not being conscious of how sensitive animal paws are. While it is your decision, the best time to take your pet out for a stroll would be when the sun goes down. However, you can simply feel the pavement as well to determine if it is a no-go.

Some things to consider for keeping your pet safe during the summer would be to be careful with overdoing exercise, especially outside, ensure that your pet is not over-exposed to any heat for long periods of time, and maybe even invest in a pet-safe sunscreen for the ultimate protection.


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