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Overview: The six most common types of essays

You write an essay in elementary school than later in high school. Here you will find the most common types of essays that you should know for both types of school.

Transfer experience

The story of the experience focuses on an event that should be described vividly and fascinatingly. You can give a topic, e.g. B. a description of the actual leisure experience or the teacher determines the title, z. B. “At the last second”, and you have to come up with a fictional narrative of experiences. Here are a few more things to keep in mind when writing an adventure story:

Stories of experience are always essay writing websites in the past tense (“I went, I saw”).

Think ahead about an exciting structure for the experience. You need to start with a calm storytelling style and then work until the peak of tension. Then the situation relaxes again and is finally resolved.

Draw suspense and write dots for the relevant stages of your story or draw the appropriate pictures to help you visualize the story.

Write as vividly as possible, often using literal speech and describing the feelings and thoughts of someone who is going through a story.

Descriptions of persons / description of objects

When describing a person or an object, it is not a question of tension, but of accuracy and clarity. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Do not rush to visualize an object or person in front of your inner eye. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes. Imagine walking around a person or object and looking closely at everything.

Draw a sketch of a person or object so that you can easily remember the distinctive features and characteristics later when you write.

Be strategic about the description, and it’s best to make a plan in advance of how you want to do it.

As you write, ask yourself the following questions: How do I describe a person or object so that someone who has never seen it can imagine everything accurately? What can be compared to certain properties of an object or person? If you find that the spokes of the bike – this is e.g. B. umbrella-like sticks, it can help the reader to imagine everything well.

Interpretation (poem)

Interpretation is an attempt to understand the meaning and intended effect of a kingessays review. The interpretation describes not only the content of the book, chapter or poem, but also analyzes all language deviations. When interpreting the text, one cannot neglect time or epoch (for example, naturalism, Assault and Drang, romanticism) and the form of the text (for example, a short story, a love poem). Because depending on the era, certain motifs, symbols or historical events can play an important role.


A feature describes a character who appears in a book, short story, or poem. Not only the appearance of the image is analyzed, but also everything that the text or a certain piece of text reveals about the image. Use appropriate and varied adjectives to describe the character. It is important that you always support the statement with quotes from the text. At the end of the description, you analyze the character’s influence on the whole plot or on other people.

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