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Overdoing certain activities: Negative impacts on health

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Overdoing certain activities: Negative impacts on health

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Physical and psychological strain may elicit some stress on mind and the body. It may bring about some negative responses that may make you feel discontentment

Fatigue can result from various reasons. Physical stain is one of them. When the body feels the stress due to some cause, it may also load your mind. There is a thin line between a good and a bad pressure. For example exercise; it is nice for your health if done in moderation.

Once you overdo it, it may be hazardous for your system and can result in muscle pain and other adversaries. Below are some instances of overdoing certain acts and the resultant responses of the body to the stimulants.

Psychological and physical problems due to overeating and drinking

Even while you are enjoying like, consuming a good meal and hard drinks. If you overeat, you may find it difficult to walk and breathe. Sometimes, you may even vomit later. Stomach upset and even acidity is possible due to these. Dysentery and gastro intestinal problems may also occur.

Overdrinking can numb your senses and can result in accidents. People who drink and drive are at a higher risk. It is always better to be with some person who is in sane mind while you are drunk. Otherwise, avoid going over the threshold of your body. Overdrinking is anyways not at all advisable for your body. Liver and heart diseases can happen due to this.

It may cause headache and body pain too. Sometimes delusions and hallucinations can also happen due to drinking too much. A person when under such toxicity is unable to think straight and may say things that are never meat in that way. Control on anger or happiness both is unpredictable. You never know what their reaction will be and to which stimulant they will respond.

Physical and psychological response to overdose of medications

Medications for ailments may be taken by many people. You should always take the medicines as per the doctor’s direction and specification. Sometimes a person may consume more dosage of the medicines, either knowingly or unknowingly. The reactions to such can be mild or even fatal. Antibiotic especially should not be taken more than necessary.

Ill habits of taking illegal medicines are rampant these days. One should avoid this to maintain good body and health. Vomiting, headache, body pain or issues in breathing can be the initial symptoms. Deep slumber or unconsciousness may also result due to this. Many a times, people lose their lives because of the overdose of the medicines.

Psychologically, in serious incidences, this may cause depression and also produce some illusionary beliefs and imaginations. Fear of medicines may come up all of a sudden while the person is recovering from the ill effects of the overdose of the tablets and other medicines. You will low on confidence and also have suicidal thoughts in worst cases.

Hallucinations are again common here. A person may even be scared to take any further treatment. If an individual has consumed more medication than necessary, feeling of guilt may come over later and this may cause them to feat facing the family members or close people. This may be because their inability to admit the truth to them.

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