4 Mind Exercises to Banish the Blues

Common New Year’s resolutions focus on physical health, but it’s important not to forget about your mental health, too. Find your chakra with exercises that pair relaxation techniques with high-intensity workouts that will have you breaking a sweat while improving mind.

Fitness Drumming

Release your inner musician and whip yourself into shape. A therapy and a workout in one, this exercise allows you to release pent up emotion while burning a ton of calories. Fans of “This is Us” have seen the benefits. When one of the main characters, Kate, is working to lose weight, she finds herself in one of these classes. In this emotional scene, Kate finally releases her emotions with a scream. To follow in Kate’s footsteps, you will need weighted drumsticks and a mat. The weights add strength building while the loud music and banging of the mat helps release any stresses you have, seamlessly pairing mental and physical health. You will feel as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Studio K, located on the south end of International Drive, offers a fitness drumming class called POUND every Wednesday, and so does the YMCA of Central Florida.

Transcendental Meditation

Take a step back from the constant movement in your life with transcendental meditation. This form of meditation allows your body to enter a state of total relaxation, but unlike other forms of meditation, transcendental meditation doesn’t involve concentration, control or training. This form of meditation focuses on creativity and spontaneous results. This mindful exercise was found to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and risk of strokes and heart attacks. This activity works by using your own personal, and private, mantra, or phrase that you repeat to yourself. For example, “Hard work pays off” or “You can do it.” So, what are you waiting for? Get your mantra ready and relax.

Samurai Sword Fighting

Don’t let the weaponry scare you. Training like a samurai could improve mindfulness. Yes, really. Typically known as Kendo, this practice works by pairing intense meditation with physical strength training. In order to succeed in battle, samurais needed to stay focused. When you train like a samurai, you will get into great physical shape while improving concentration and mindfulness. You can take these classes at gyms or with a martial arts company. Not sure about the samurai sword? Channel your inner “Star Wars” and try a Lightsaber Fitness class at Studio K.

Float Therapy

Head into your own personal floatation bubble and float your worries away. During float therapy, you will be immersed in a pool of salt water. Relax in a pod that is closed to eliminate stimuli that could take away from meditation. After you relax in your pod, make your way to a yoga class. The Epsom salt used in these pods help eliminate joint pain, relieve stress and are good for your hair, skin and nails. Benefits of float therapy include increased productivity, creativity, emotional intelligence and even athletic performance.


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Written by Christina Diaz

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