Testing What Types Of Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Shark Week! Discovery Channel’s annual and most anticipated summer event runs now through Sunday, August 4. With over 20 hours of all-new shark stories, you will be sure to sink your teeth into their mysterious world and type of sharks that exist.

Types of Sharks
Before you start the binge, familiarize yourself with the types of sharks you will see throughout the week. Great white sharks are the star of the show with their stunning appearance and spectacular breach. Their mouth contains over 300 teeth arranged in seven rows.

The tiger shark is a runner up to the great white as most deadly shark in the world in terms of the number of attacks on humans. The aggressive predators can be spotted by the dark vertical stripes on their bodies, similar to tigers.

Hammerhead sharks use their head to scan for electrical signals that are given off other animals’ bodies. They typically hunt on stingrays on the seafloor, bony fish and lobster.

Whale sharks are gentle giants who can live up to 150 years. They can grow up to 32 feet long and weigh over 20 tons, making it one of the largest fish in the world.

Shortfin mako sharks can achieve bursts of 60 miles per hour when hunting. Unfortunately, they face the possibility of extinction due to being hunted for their meat.

Although sharks are one of the top predators in the deep sea, they are in desperate need of protection. More than 70 shark species are at risk of extinction and as many as 73 million sharks are killed for their fins annually. This year, Discovery is teaming up with Oceana, an international ocean conservation organization, to help protect sharks from global shark fin trade. Discovery will also be working with Ocean Conservancy to help clean up beaches and waterways across the country to keep the homes of sharks and other marine life clean and habitable.

In Orlando, SeaWorld partners with different groups to research and protect sharks and over marine life. Since partnering with OCEARCH, a research organization, SeaWorld has rescued more than 34,000 animals and utilized the research to advocate for new policy measures to protect marine life.  SeaWorld has also partnered with Guy Harvey to raise awareness of ocean health and research sharks. Through these partnerships, SeaWorld has brought their conservation efforts to life with park attractions like Mako and Shark Wreck Reef, where guests have access to real-life shark tracking, learn about shark expeditions and more.

If you are a little freaked out after finishing up Shark Week, take a dip in the ocean confidently with a SharkBanz. The durable and secure band uses scientifically proven shark deterrent technology to give you peace of mind while diving, swimming or surfing.

It works by taking advantage of a shark’s unique and powerful electrical sense to cause a highly unpleasant sensation that turns sharks away. With every purchase, SharkBanz will pledge 3% of profits to shark and ocean conservation groups. Reduce your risk of a dangerous shark encounter and coexist with marine life this summer!

With Shark Week starting here is an interesting video from Mark Rober.


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