The Orlando Law Group: Raising the Bar in Central Florida

Jennifer Englert of The Orlando Law Group discusses her business in her own words:

What is The Orlando Law Group story?
When Jennifer Englert and another attorney founded The Orlando Law Group eight years ago in Avalon Park, we strived to be the “neighborhood” attorneys. We always wanted to be lawyers who were very involved in the community and could provide legal services to families who desperately needed them. People really liked the concept and we started to grow. About six years ago, we added a Lake Nona office. We saw it as a new, expanding market. As the firm continued to grow, we expanded our practice areas, including more business clients, bankruptcy and personal injury. We continued to function as a woman- owned business, which we still are today. About three years ago we added the Dr. Phillips office to continue our efforts to bring legal services to where our clients are, as opposed to making them drive into Downtown Orlando. We also believe it helps for our attorneys to work where they live, as this makes it easier for them to become involved in the community and to know the area well.

Our forward momentum will continue, as we have expanded our practice areas repeatedly, now covering every legal area as it pertains to families and businesses. We will be adding another office or two to continue to cover the Central Florida area.

How does The Orlando Law Group raise the bar for clients?
We are a team of highly experienced and dedicated legal professionals, each bringing different areas of expertise to the table. We work together to solve legal problems and provide preventative legal services for the purpose of solving issues before they happen. Most legal problems contain many facets, and with The Orlando Law Group, a client can make use of our varied expertise as it pertains to many differing issues, all in one firm. One key aspect of The Orlando Law Group that differentiates us from many firms is the care and compassion we bring to each and every client. Many of our clients become personal friends, provide referrals, or are people we’ve worked side-by-side while serving within the community.

What is one thing that others don’t know about The Orlando Law Group but should?

We pride ourselves on being “Honest, Approachable Attorneys Who Care.” That is more than just a motto to us. We genuinely care about our clients, their well-being, and their futures. When you come to The Orlando Law Group, you can be sure that your attorney possesses both a sharp, experienced legal mind, and a friendly smile that will welcome and comfort you. What’s more, we are serious about preventative legal tactics, working to solve issues for our clients before they blow up into legal messes. Simply put: we are here for you, and we have your back at all times!

In what ways does The Orlando Law Group give back to the community?

Many of our staff and attorneys have charities we really care about. For example, we provided pro-bono legal and probate services for the families of Pulse Victims, and other services through Legal Aid. We help children by serving as members of Kiwanis, our local PTA’s, and by providing help to families with special needs children. We serve Veterans by providing help with the obtaining of Veterans benefits. We help the local business community by being very involved in our local chambers of commerce and other business groups. Part of the reason we care so much is because we have a Veteran on staff, many of us are parents, and a few of us have children with special needs. We help domestic violence victims and understand their plight, as some of us have been victims ourselves. The list goes on and on, as we draw upon our own struggles to aid others, now that we have the ability to do so.

How have you evolved and diversified with multiple offices to ensure you truly are a full-service law firm?

Once we discovered how helpful it was to have various experts in several types of law on staff to help our clients, we began to assemble a team with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We never wanted to send clients away to other firms or counsel, as working together provides better results in all legal matters. We came to realize how thankful clients were to have such a wealth of legal help close to home. It is infinitely easier when a client can just come by the office. It helps them to build their relationship with the staff. Therefore, we have tried to strategically position our offices close enough to one another so that we can still work as a team, and remain close to large neighborhoods around Central Florida.

We have also worked to diversify by adding staff of varying ages, those who speak different languages, and those involved in a variety of activities all over town, so that we can better meet the needs of everyone.

7625 W. Sand Lake Road, Suite 202
Orlando, FL 32819

Waterford Lakes
12301 Lake Underhill Road, Suite 213

Lake Nona
9161 Narcoossee Road, Suite 210
Orlando, FL 32827


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