If You Imagined Your Ideal Home, Where Would It Be?

Your Dream Home

If you imagined your ideal home, where would it be? A close commute, in the heart of Orlando, making it easy to get to downtown, resort areas, or pretty much anywhere? Close to a bevy of your favorite restaurants, for delicious convenience on an “I-don’t-feel-like-cooking” night or a weekend night out? Handily nearby shopping and upscale grocery stores so you could make an easy dash to get whatever you need?

Or maybe you prefer to be close to the water, where you can enjoy watching Great Blue Herons parade regally on the shore as they peer into the water, searching for fish.

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Bay Hill Community

Believe it or not, there is a paradise on earth that has all of this and more: the tranquil and majestic community of Bay Hill.

“It’s tremendously convenient,” says Jeff Enos, who moved to Bay Hill 19 years ago. “I can be in any restaurant on Restaurant Row in five minutes, on I-4 in under 10 minutes, and at the airport in 25 minutes.”

The incredibly convenient location would be enough to get attention, but the impressive Bay Hill area offers so much more.

Eyes around the world are drawn to Bay Hill every year when the PGA pros arrive to play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament at the renowned Arnold Palmers’ Bay Hill Club & Lodge. The television cameras love to pan the impressive landscape, causing a twinge of envy in non-residents everywhere.

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Variety, Activity & Family Friendly

Lovingly crafted before the McMansion era of cookie-cutter houses, each home in the illustrious community has its own distinct style. You’ll find sprawling estates, Cape Cods, Mediterranean-inspired villas and more, each magnificently situated on its own oversized lot. Mature trees, some with trunks measuring more than five feet around, add to the feeling of paradise found.

Families flock to Bay Hill for larger houses, larger lot sizes and excellent area schools, but find so much more to bring them together. One of the main draws is access onto the Butler Chain of Lakes which is virtually inaccessible to non-residents. The 4,720-acre chain is made up of 11 lakes connected by canals. You could spend all day boating and not get to see them all.

Bass fishing is extremely popular, but there are many options. “We’d take the kids out with a big inner tube, some sets of skis, lunch and a cooler, then just go cruise,” says Enos. “Or my wife and I would go out with a bottle of wine and watch the fireworks.” This romantic ambiance is provided nightly, at no extra charge, thanks to the neighboring theme parks.

Close to everything, it is still a world apart. A gorgeous haven for wildlife, nestled between bodies of water in the Butler Chain of Lakes, Bay Hill brings the beauty of nature together with the modern conveniences of civilization.

“I loved raising my children in Bay Hill,” says Enos. “It’s the perfect place for families”

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