Escapology is for Everyone

You’ve seen the escape room craze sweeping the nation, and you’ve likely participated a time or two. But there is one venue in particular that offers true VIP experiences for each and every guest.

At Escapology, which is located on International Drive, guests are guided through their escape room experience. Teams of two to six people are challenged to solve riddles and search for clues that will lead to a successful escape in 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

The puzzles are tricky and the clues can lead guests astray, but getting stuck is never a problem. Throughout the allotted 60-minute time period, a game master watches from behind the scenes, ready to give hints when necessary. The goal at Escapology is to build suspense for guests but also to ensure success.

The personalized experience is what truly sets Escapology apart. Guests are never thrown into a game with people they don’t know even if their smaller group doesn’t reach the six-person limit.

There is a range of worldly adventures that will place guests right in the middle of exciting scenarios. The most difficult game is Budapest Express. Onboard the trans-European Budapest Express in 1931, guests are tasked with solving a murder and finding the suspect before the train stops at the next station. Other adventures include Cuban Crisis, a 1960s-era search of Fidel Castro’s palace before he returns to find evidence of a plan to shoot down an American plane, and the most popular, Antidote, a modern-day search for an antidote to a highly contagious virus before all biological organisms in the room are eliminated.

In the reception area and the game rooms, Escapology’s décor adds to the experience. Extreme care was taken with the space to design a distinct atmosphere that transports guests to another time period.

Whether you’re looking for a team-building idea or just to have fun with a group of friends, look no further. From grandparents to gamers, and everyone in between, escapology is for everyone.


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Written by Lyndsay Fogarty

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