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Accents Model and Talent Center is not your conventional training school. While students are taught the basics of acting and modeling, the directors also guide students to self-awareness, good health habits, self-esteem and confidence. The goal is for students to be successful in all aspects of life. Through the Accents Model and Talent Center curriculum, students learn how to make it in the business world and how to present the best version of themselves both at work and in their private lives. They learn how to walk a runway, how to pose and how to work on camera while receiving etiquette training and lessons on interview techniques and beauty skills as well.

Recently, the school partnered with the Bee2Bee Network, a nonprofit organization that produces digital marketing campaigns, content, customized virtual reality tours and commercials for local businesses, to create the Beauty and Brains program. Students have the opportunity to intern in front of and behind the camera with Bee2Bee Network as well as work with their clients on their virtual reality-shopping platform and community project called

As an outcome of this innovative internship program, students are given the hands-on opportunity to learn software engineering basics and practical STEM/STEAM skills such as Agile/Lean software development, coding, digital marketing, internet broadcasting, social media marketing and video production at no cost to them or their families. They also learn what to do and what not to do on social media so they can become influencers, which can ultimately lead to sought-after gigs in the industry.

Donna Coccodrilli, the director of Accents Model and Talent Center, says this partnership helps the students to market themselves in the industry and gives them some control over their careers. After all, actors and models need to have a website that is consistently updated to market themselves.

“On a professional level, it helps them become more successful with managing their modeling and acting careers once they get their agents,” Coccodrilli says.

Accents Model and Talent Center is the first school in the industry to collaborate with Bee2Bee Network on this innovative type of curriculum. It is helping students to get contracts from top-rated agencies with locations all over the world. Students are appearing in movies, fashion shows, commercials and more.

Yasmine Clarke, the founder of the Bee2Bee Network, reiterated the need for young adults to learn valuable presentation and technical skillsets that will complement any career path.

“Social media and evolving technologies have created a virtual on-camera existence including new career paths and new employment requirements for our young adults as they enter the workforce,” Clarke says. “Our partnership with Accents Model and Talent Center will ensure that the students learn and practice these important soft skills and the practical technical skills that are needed to compete locally and globally.”
To learn more about the Beauty and Brains program, contact Accents Model and Talent Center.

Accents Model and Talent Center


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