Reasons Why Your Child Still Needs an Annual Physical

pediatrician using stethoscope to do a checkup on a child

A common question parents have is whether their child needs an annual physical with their pediatrician if they’ve already had a sports clearance exam at school.

The short answer is yes.And it’s important to understand why. A licensed professional conducting an exam done at the school or at an urgent care clinic doesn’t have access to your child’s health record. And the exam won’t include a full wellness and health assessment.

Your child’s pediatrician knows their medical and family history, which is vital to maintaining continuity of care. The annual exam focuses on many areas of your child’s health, including:

•Overall growth and development

•School readiness and any learning issues

•Diet and nutritional health

•Chronic medical conditions

•Mental health and coping strategies

•Required vaccinations

Your family pediatrician is invested in your child’s health and can give you guidance and resources on a range of issues with your child’s physical, mental and social health. Those needs can’t be met at a sports clearance clinic.

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