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Intego Group is a leading software engineering and IT outsourcing provider that bridges the gap between technologies and business strategy for both large and small companies worldwide.

Software development is in high demand with some companies doing whatever it takes to find the right talent for their needs. Over the past few years, organizations such as Google, Facebook and others have gone over and beyond to lure the right people to their company. This type of demand has brought high costs along with a low number of software developers actually looking for work.

The Intego Group, headquartered out of Lake Mary, offers an alternative solution. Established in 1999, the company offers a unique and professional approach to the traditional way companies are accustomed to outsourcing software development. With offices in Ukraine’s two major cities, Kiev and Kharkov, the Intego Group employs hundreds of software developers working on location. Clients experience no language barrier and are able to review resumes of candidates, conduct interviews and make decisions on the people they want to work on their projects. With the headquarters here in the United States, people are provided with customer-facing operations giving them the ability to communicate any details directly to the company. Although offshore development is often associated with countries such as India and China, Ukraine’s educational focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) provides a large amount of highly skilled professionals capable of meeting the growing demands of technology. Focusing on transparent and flexible engagement models, the Intego Group has a successful track record with helping late-stage start-ups, mid-market firms and Fortune 500 companies build complex software products and IT solutions in a variety of industry verticals, including ISVs and technology, financial services, oil and gas, medical and pharmaceutical, media and publishing, travel and hospitality, and many others.

Since industry knowledge is at the core of the Intego Group’s business model, the company collaborates with customers to understand the specific challenges of the industry and provide solutions that accelerate innovations, improve business performance, and propel businesses to new horizons. With a strong belief that the people behind the business are the key in delivering successful solutions to its customers, the Intego Group has over a decade of experience in helping other businesses be the best they can be.


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