How to Upgrade to a Smart Home with Southeast Steel

Cooking doesn’t come naturally for everyone. So an appliance that can help you avoid dinner disasters is a game changer. CAFÉ induction cooktops and ranges by GE can be found at Southeast Steel in downtown Orlando. They work together with a temperature-sensing pan and the Hestan Cue app to assist users with preparing meals through guided cooking.

“Home technology has come a long way,” Stuart Kimball, president of Southeast Steel, says. “Some people are reluctant to install smart appliances in their homes because it’s not familiar. But there’s no reason not to when they can make life so much easier.”

About the CAFÉ Series

With GE’s CAFÉ series, recipes easily become reality. The cooktop’s precision temperature burners communicate with Hestan Cue’s temperature-sensing pan using Bluetooth technology. Where a recipe would typically provide vague instructions to sear a steak on high heat, this technology breaks it down even further. It allows you to type an exact temperature of 450 degrees directly into the app. It will even monitor the cook time and temperature as you go step by step through the recipe to ensure proper cooking from start to finish.

“You might not be a master chef,” Kimball says. “But this technology could certainly fool your family when you present perfectly seared scallops or flawless scrambled eggs.”

About Southeast Steel

Southeast Steel is a family owned and operated appliance retail store. It offers a large selection of brand-name appliances for all areas of the home at discount prices. For nearly 80 years, the Kimballs have made sure the home appliance needs of their neighbors in the Central Florida community are met. Southeast Steel’s personalized customer service philosophy gives its sales team the opportunity to provide a unique experience. This experience has kept customers coming back again and again – some families for multiple generations.

Whether you’re looking for a cooktop that makes following a recipe as easy as pan frying fish or you have another home appliance need, the team at Southeast Steel has you covered.


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