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Top 5 Convenience Apps

Shipt users can grocery shop and checkout all from their phone screen then a Shipt shopper will deliver the items when it’s convenient for you. The app is free to download but a membership is required to use the service. Available on iOS and Android.

Roadie helps reduce shipping costs for items as big as furniture and as small as a box of treats for a friend, no matter the distance, by utilizing drivers that are already on the road. The app is free to download but delivery fees apply. Available on iOS and Android.

OrderUp, which is available in Baldwin Park, College Park, downtown Orlando, Winter Park and the UCF area, offers home delivery of delicious dishes from local restaurants. It is free to download and is available on iOS and Android.

Mint is a free app that organizes all of your financial information in one place. It automatically updates and categorizes information in real time to help you stick to your budget and find savings as you go. Available on iOS, Amazon and Android.

Slack benefits businesses by allowing team members to create private channels with individuals and teams for easy communication and better organization for files and notes. This app is free for iOS, Windows and Android.

Top 3 Tech Gifts

1. This was the year of virtual reality headsets with the launch of the Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive, Sony’s PlayStation VR, Google’s Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. On a consumer level, they are primarily marketed as gaming and streaming devices, but companies are also investing in the technology for new social platforms, educational uses and virtual tours.
Tip: Do your research. For many, the headset experience is best with extras like sensors and controllers and some require specific smartphones or tablets to work.

2. The hot, new screen resolution is 4K. Containing over 8 million pixels, 4K TVs are the most detailed on the market. The resolution approaches the same one used in movie theaters but on a condensed screen for a much sharper look. Luckily, the price of 4D products is decreasing with 40” ultra-high definition TVs going for less than $400.
Tip: Streaming services like Netflix are introducing 4K shows while UHD movies are arriving on store shelves and home gaming consoles are adopting 4K-compatible hardware, making now the perfect time to upgrade.

3. Watches do way more than just tell time these days. Often companion pieces to a smart phone, smart watches open the door to many phone functionalities like texting, email and phone calls with the same ease as checking the time.
Tip: With a variety of bands and looks, smart watches can be a chic, modern accessory or a fitness fanatic’s dream tool with a potential use case for most people.


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