Fore the Love of Golf Let’s Celebrate National Golf Month

White golf ball on green grass.

What first began as an overlooked sport has flourished into a full-fetched competition sport that has created stars like PGA champion Tiger Woods and 2023 U.S. Women’s Open winner Allisen Corpuz. Anyone stepping on the green will realize that golf is more than gloves and golf claps. Shine your finest clubs, fire up the golf cart engine, and roll out to the fairways to join in on the celebration as National Golf Month tees up its 30th year this August.

Tee Up Tips

Not a golfer? No worries! Stay out of the sand and in the green with these tips and tricks from avid Boca Raton golfer Nicholas Ranieri that will transform you from a novice to a hole-in-one expert:

  • Perfect a steady stance by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and spreading your weight evenly between both legs. If you hold the correct posture, the rest will fall into place.
  • Keep your eye on the target.
  • Master both distance and accuracy by extending your arms fully through your swing.
  • Use the force of your body to add power to your swing. Remember, it is essential to focus on form over power.
  • Pay attention to the length and weight of your club. Choose a club that feels comfortable and works for you.
  • Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use a cooling towel to protect yourself from the scorching Florida sun while out on the course.
  • Have fun! Don’t overthink. A clear mind equals a successful game. Let the club swing and see where the ball takes you.

“Golf is a game made to bring togetherness with others, whether you have a tee time with a stranger and become friends throughout the 18 holes or are a beginner playing with friends. There is no need to overthink how you play. Just go out there and swing and enjoy yourself,” Ranieri said.

Hit the Course

Whether your skills are up to par with Tiger Woods or your repertoire of experience is mainly mini golf, celebrate National Golf Month on the green at one of Central Florida’s finest golf courses.

Make the most of National Golf Month in the golf capital of the Southeast at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. The highly esteemed club offers two courses, the Ocean Course and the Lagoon Course, where you can play a round of 18 holes all day, or if you want to beat the Florida heat, enjoy a twilight round after 4 p.m. Enjoy more than just golf during your getaway with Ponte Vedra Resort’s extensive guest amenities.

If traveling is not in your wheelhouse this year, celebrate National Golf Month in Orlando at Stoneybrook East. Take some time to connect with nature on Stoneybrook’s tree-lined fairways that will give you that “Old Florida” feeling. The uniquely designed par-72 course makes it so each hole gives the golfer a new experience and challenge.

If you need more guidance on the course, Dubsdread Orlando offers classes for adults and juniors. Turn your budding golf interest into professional grade skills and learn the fundamentals of golf from full swing, chipping and putting to course etiquette.

And remember, MetroWest Golf Club has a par-72 course. If you need more than one round, check out MetroWest Golf Club’s Afternoon Golf Passport, which offers golfers access to the course every day after 3:30 p.m. for $99 monthly. The exclusive deal is only available through September, making National Golf Month the perfect time to take advantage of it!


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Written by Jenna Greaves

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