Spirit of Sobriety: Magical Mocktail Recipes for 2024

Zero-Proof Pleasures That You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About

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Embracing a Sober Lifestyle with Flair

You might be used to participating or observing others participate in Dry January. However, we can expect a steady uptick in nonalcoholic beverage sales and consumption beyond the first month of the new year. 

In December 2023, NielsenIQ hosted a “sipping into the future: 4 alcohol trends for 2024” webinar, where they discussed shifting shopping behaviors to include “moderation in consumption, driving growth in nonalcohol alternatives and mocktail options.” 

It’s not just about skipping alcohol; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where wellness, inclusivity and taste coalesce into a glass of artfully crafted nonalcoholic beverage. This movement caters not only to those who are pregnant or abstain from alcohol for health reasons but also to those who choose to enjoy their social life sober.


Mocktail Magic: Stirring Up NonAlcoholic Delights

From herb-infused sparkling waters to complex, layered drinks with exotic ingredients, mocktails offer a sophisticated alternative that’s both refreshing and guilt-free. Here are a few local recipes to try:

Pace Horse

  • Turmeric, lime, Ginger Elixir, club soda, garnished with purple basil 

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin


Seedlip Spice, London Essence White Peach and Jasmine soda, vanilla syrup

Jaleo Disney Springs


  • Fever Tree sparkling grapefruit soda, lime, agave

Kavas Tacos + Tequila

Greek Cherry Cola

  • Greek sour cherry syrup, fresh orange, MastiH20 sparkling mastiha water, brûléed orange

Taverna Opa Orlando 

Berry Basil Blast

  • Muddled fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries), basil leaves, lemonade, club soda

Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine


Orlando’s Best: Where to Find Year-Round Mocktails

Not in the mood to DIY or simply want to enjoy a ready-to-drink mocktail? Several local establishments, including the ones above, have embraced non-alcoholic alternatives. Some notable mentions include:

  • Tori Tori
  • The Hampton Social
  • Salt & The Cellar by Akira Back
  • The Edison
  • The BandBox


NonAlcoholic Alternatives are Here to Stay

The nonalcohol alternatives and mocktail movement show that health, inclusivity and enjoyment can go hand in hand. So, whether you’re expecting, sober, or simply exploring new tastes, your creativity and Orlando’s mocktail scene are ready to surprise and delight you year-round. Cheers!


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Written by Alexis George

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