Recipe: Lobster Ramen from Roy’s Restaurant

This tasty dish includes generous chunks of lobster meat, shiitake mushrooms and lobster miso broth. Make it at home with the following recipe.

-1 each lobster tail
-1 package Ramen
-1 each lobster claw
-1/2 oz. lobster knuckle meat
-1 tbs. scallion hairs, shocked
-2 each shiitake mushrooms, sliced, raw
-1 each shoyu hen egg, brined, cooked
-1 tsp. itogaki (dried bonito flakes)
-6 oz. lobster miso ramen broth

For Beurre Monte
-1/2 cup water
-3 lb. butter
-Sea salt
-1 each sachet d’espice

Saute shiitake mushrooms with vegetable oil. Bring water to a boil. Lower temperature immediately and whisk in butter. Increase amount of butter you put into pot once emulsion has formed. Keep temperature at 75 degrees Celsius and it will not break.


For Lobster Tail
Place two skewers along length of tail to hold tail straight. Submerge for 30 seconds in boiling, salted water. Chill in ice bath. Cut down center of the top of shell to pull away shell and remove meat in one piece. Reserve for service. Cook lobster claw and knuckle meat using the same process.

For Pick Up
Finish cooking process on lobster tail and cook until medium in Beurre Monte. Reheat the lobster claw and knuckle meat in Buerre Monte until hot. Blanch ramen noodles in boiling seasoned water for one minute. Drain well and transfer to bowl. Ladle hot lobster miso ramen broth over the ramen noodles. Place hot lobster knuckle meat and lobster tail on ramen and top with lobster claw. Place sliced shiitake mushrooms at 1 o’clock. And shaved scallion ends at 12 o’clock. Slice shoyu hen egg in half and place at 7 o’clock across from the mushrooms. Garnish with itogaki.


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