Zac Zweifel Brightens The World And Warms Hearts

A beaming smile on a child’s face not only brightens the world but also warms the heart. Zac Zweifel of Dr. Phillips has made it his mission to bring a smile to the faces of everyone around him.

As a 7th grader at Holy Family Catholic School (HFCS), all the teachers look forward to seeing him each day. “Zac is an outstanding young man who is always there to give a helping hand, whether it is to open the door every morning, give a wish for a good day, or a kind word,” Lucretia Head, language arts teacher at the school, says.

With an attitude of service to others, Zac lives by a personal code of volunteering. Whether serving as an alter boy at his church, walking with the March of Dimes or scooping ice cream for terminally ill children at Give Kids the World, Zac puts his heart and soul into bringing joy to others.

The volunteering he enjoys the most is when he is known as Zachary the Great. He volunteers his time performing magic at various assisted living facilities. “I started when I was five,” he says. “I got some tricks from my dad. I started doing shows in kindergarten. I went to a talent show, and I enjoyed it so I kept doing it. Besides, I like seeing the smiles on their faces.”

He is also generous monetarily. When he donates his time working with the March of Dimes, he also donates most of his birthday money as both events are in April. “Zac is the kind of boy every mother would be proud to call Son and every teacher’s delight to have as a student,” Head says.

While he enjoys giving to others, Zac also gives his spare time to himself by participating in competitive swimming, with the butterfly being his favorite stroke.

Recently nominated for Outstanding Student, numerous teachers and staff made suggestions. “I received emails from quite a few people and it was interesting that many were nominating the same student,” Tana Little, HFCS director of marketing and promotions, says.

“Zac is a very unique child with a very spiritual soul,” Laura Zweifel, Zac’s mom, says. “He possesses unique talents of inner strength, humor and endurance. My wish for him is to nourish these talents throughout his lifetime.”

Zac says that he thinks the world would be a better place for everyone if people would donate their time to a cause. This unique inner strength is an example to students, teachers and parents alike. When asked why he goes to all the trouble to help so many people, Zac responds simply, “It feels good.”

Written by Kimberly Kimmel

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