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Yes Ma’am You Still Need To Get Your Mammogram!

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Summer is almost over. School is about to start. Schedules are crazy. COVID-19 is still here. I know! I know! But you still need to get your mammogram!

With juggling work, school schedules, sports and extracurricular schedules, wrapping up the summer, getting to know your children’s new teacher and getting that school supply list, some things have to give – but don’t let that be your mammogram!

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and left us feeling uneasy about the things we used to do on autopilot – such as routine, preventative health exams and annual mammograms. As we took a year off from our regular routine, it is time to get back on track – even if your schedule is as busy as ever.

I took a break from my busy schedule and I got my mammogram last month. AdventHealth made me feel safe and comfortable during my mammogram, and I am so happy I put my health back on my priority list.

Things that should be the most important to us – like our preventative health – often get lost in the hustle-and-bustle of life, but we can’t take that chance. You don’t want to wait until there is a reason for concern. Breast cancer didn’t take a pause during COVID, and neither should we. Get checked out now!

It really is as easy as riding a bike. A piece of cake. Easy-peasy. You won’t regret it.

I know everyone is busy this time of year, but when my friend asked me if she should make some time to get her mammogram, I told her “Yes ma’am, you still need to get your mammogram!”

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